Grinding of main bearings journals
Crankshaft grinding machine Vereco brand, Italy To provide more comprehensive service to the customers PREXIM DIESEL set up a joint venture in co-operation with Rai & Sons Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Indi

Three units of Joint venture RAI PREXIM (INDIA) PVT.LTD can provide the following fully certified jobs of high technical a technology level:
  • Grinding of crankshafts up to the length of 7.5 m and weight of 8000 Kg. Also straightening and rebuilding of the crankshafts are carried out as per the requirement.

  • Repairs of extruder presses rollers, compressors and turbine shafts by precise grinding.

  • In-situ repairs of crankshafts in India or abroad irrespective of length of crankshaft. Tolerances in terms of taper and ovality can be maintained within 0.02 mm. All non-destructive tests are conducted at site and reports are furnished accordingly .

  • Undertaking qualified inspection of damaged or claimed crankcases for recognised Insurance Companies including Lloyd.

  • Line Boring of Engine Blocks, Bed Plates, compressor and gear box blocks etc. Machining of two or more bores in line, up to the length of 8 meters with an accuracy level of 0.02mm. Hydraulic /pneumatic line boring equipments imported from CLIMAX, USA are used for the repairing. Line boring of the engine blocks can be carried out at customer’s site with portable machines to save the valuable time and cost.

  • Easy-Laser® alignment checking equipment, imported from Sweden, is used for checking the alignment of bores . With this equipment, alignment of housing bores along “X” & “Y” axis with an accuracy of 0.01 mm can be checked with a job length of 40 meters .

  • The company has developed technology to salvage expensive con rod housings by repairing them in-house. For correction of the damaged serration, ultra sonic testing to determine invisible cracks is carried out. Rectification of the dimensional wear in housing bores, straightness, parallelism, and centre distance checking etc. are undertaken. Accuracy of the repair and finish are achieved as per OEM specifications.

  • Metal Stitching(Metalock)is executed by using the latest technology from U.K. It is finished to high precision. Originality of the parts is restored for trouble-free operation. Metal stitching “locks”, “master locks” and “plugs” are imported from UK. In-house facilities for metal stitching of damaged, cracked/broken crank cases, cylinder heads and other casted parts are available with development of new castings.

  • The cylinder liner boring and honing machine is imported from a world leading company Chris-Marine AB, Sweden), which masters the art of manufacturing of high quality Cylinder Liner boring / honing equipments. The accuracies of re-honed liners is maintained within 0.02 – 0.03 mm for taper/ovality and the surface finish (RA - µm) and cross-honing angle are attained within prescribed limits of the OEM specifications.