General questions and offers:

Technical questions and requirements for service in Czech and Slovak Republic:

Enquiries for the supply of spare parts for stationary diesel engines and diesel generators:

Main territories: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, Yemen, Egypt,
Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Spain,
Peru, Nicaragua, Cuba and other countries of Latin America:

Vilem Horacek:, tel.: + 420 281 090 297 

Enquiries for the supply of spare parts for main Marine diesel engines and auxiliary Marine diesel generators:

Main territories: Russia and states of previous USSR, Ukraine, Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria,
Turkey, China, Indonesia, Singapore:

Mrs. Daniela Kebiskova:, tel.: + 420 281 090 293


Technical questions and requirement for service and spare parts in Czech and Slovak Republic:, tel.: +420 724 314 761

Enquiries and offers for complete diesel engines and diesel generators.
Enquiries for service required except for Czech and Slovak Republic., tel.: +420 724 314 761