Installation of DG Set 2270 kVA/6-38A6S - Sudan
Replacement of Marine engine 6L 150PV3 in river boat
Servis of diesel generator 860 kVA/6S350 PN
Service is performed by experienced technicians – ex-employees of engine manufacturers who are able to fulfil quality requirements of local and foreign end users of Diesel Engines and Diesel Generating Sets. Company provides supervision of moving installed equipment to the new location, re-installation, regular service in specified periods , technical assistance during preparation and realization of power house projects, repairs, decarbonisation, medium and general overhaul, complete setting of engine parameters, adjustment of combustion pressures, compression pressures, setting-up of sensors and protective devices. Conversion of some types of diesel engines for furnace oil or dual fuel operation can be offered in collaboration with specialized companies.
Conversion of DG Set for HFO operation
Replacement of DG Set 860 KVA/6S350PN for local electrification - Russia, Siberia
Installation of 12 units of 2270 KVA, 1450 KVA, 860 KVA DG Sets - India