Company PREXIM DIESEL spol. s r.o. can provide original spare parts mainly from its own stock, which is at present the largest in the Czech Republic taking into consideration range and volume of spare parts.
Turbochargers types PDH16, 35, 50, 70, PTD140, 280, 350
Injection equipment for engines CKD, SKODA
Cylinder heads and conrods for engines CKD, SKODA
Spare parts are being supplied for Diesel Engines SKODA, CKD HRADEC KRALOVE,CKD HOROVICE, SLAVIA for Stationary and Marine versions and their applications as Diesel Generating Sets, pump drives etc. including engine and power house accessories as turbochargers, governors, filters, coolers, pumps, compressors etc.
Gears and other components for engines CKD, SKODA
Cylinder liners for engines CKD, SKODA
Pumps and valves for engines CKD, SKODA
Spare parts are properly stored, condition and quality is checked before each despatch followed by packing corresponding to the way of transportation. Each item is marked for better identification and each consignment is photo-documented.
Spare parts packed before despatch
Checking of quality and packing of spares before despatch
Packed consignment of suction and exhaust valves ready for despatch

Spare parts were supplied to the following countries:

Nicaragua Spain Turkey Mali
Peru U.K. Iran Nigeria
Cuba Portugal Yemen Namibia
Bolivia Germany UAE South Africa
  Norway Pakistan Sudan
  Poland Tukmenistan  
  Hungary Uzbekistan  
  Slovakia India  
  Rumania Nepal  
  Ukraine Bangladesh  
  Russia Myanmar  
  Estonia China  
  Lithuania Singapur  
  Latvia Indonesia  
  Cyprus Vietnam  
  Italy Philippines